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Bar Tips

Posted on December 5, 2018 at 2:50 PM

This is a good topic with holidays around the corner!

With all the things to think about when planning your event; sometimes the bar area can be an afterthought. The bar is one of the busiest areas during your event! People coming and going, supplies disappearing fast. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning for the bar when the venue does not supply everything, and the responsibility is on you:

Hire a licensed bartender: most venues that do not have a bartender on staff may require you to hire one if you are serving any type of alcohol.

Behind the bar: Keep plenty of drink napkins, towels and paper towels behind the bar. There is a lot of liquid flying around and spills happen. The bartenders need to be able to clean spills up, so they don’t get hurt. Most bartenders do not supply these materials as they are just there to serve drinks.

Ice: Get with your bartender to figure out the proper ratio of ice for your event. They use a formula based on your guest count and what you plan to serve. It can be stressful if you run out of ice in the middle of your event and must ask someone to run out to get more. On the other hand, it can be just as stressful if you bought too much and do not have a cooler or freezer to store it in; next thing you know it’s melted!

Serving glasses: Get with your bartender to figure the proper ratio with your guest count. If your venue does not supply drinking glasses, you will be responsible to supply your own. You can always rent glasses from a rental supply company or you can go disposable and purchase plastic glasses and cups. Choice is yours. Just be sure to have enough to get you through your event. Keeping in mind guests will get a new glass every time they go up to the bar to get a new drink. It’s rare they will use the same glass for a refill.

Signature drinks: Save some money with signature drinks! The couple (host) can choose a favorite drink of their choice as “their signature drink” making purchasing of hard liquors cheaper and easier to track. Then you can build other alcohol ideas off that; such as beers and wines.

Have questions about hiring a bartender or questions about building your bar? Let us know!

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